Why no watering today?


My grass schedule should have ran this morning. Instead, all 3 zones on the schedule are sitting at 0% moisture and not scheduled to water until tomorrow. I didn’t get any kind of skips (i.e. wind skips). What am I missing? FYI: yesterday the schedule started to run but I turned it off after it ran for ~1 minute because I was going to mow yesterday


@Modawg2k any chance you have a rain sensor?


Nope. I do have a Gen 1 which hasn’t always played the best with this latest software version



I’ll have the engineering team review your account and let you know what they discover.




We’ve identified the issue and will be resolving today. Thanks for reporting!



Update those zone pictures @Modawg2k! :joy:


Ha, I keep the original images from the days before Rachio to keep me grounded :grin: