Why isn't Rachio using my weather station for freeze skip?

Rachio is configured to use my weather station which reports the low temperature so far today is 33.6º. However my 1st gen Rachio just did a freeze skip based on “the weather service in your area has observed the current temperature to be 32°F”. Why isn’t Rachio using my weather station to determine this?

Should it not have skipped?

Any update on this? I have just installed 2nd gen Rachio and configured my PWS. I had to move freeze skip temperature to 2°C as it always seemed to use higher temperature than my PWS measured (this is why I have a PWS a it’s quite windy and so colder near my house).

Notification mentioned that observed temperature was 1°C, but PWS history showed that temperature dropped to -2.2°C. Is it using my PWS at all, or just ignoring it and I wasted money on that? I couldn’t check rain skip yet as it had not rained for last few weeks.