Why is switching between controllers harder in the latest UI?

In the old UI, switching between Rachio controllers used to be simple. Select the controller at the top of the screen (mobile or Web), and you’d get a drop down showing all the controllers for your account and you could simply select the one you wanted.
In the latest version, it’s now become a multi-step process which is not at all obvious.

One of the real strengths of Rachio is its user-friendly UI. Having multiple controllers isn’t that big a deal when it’s easy to switch between them, but now it’s become a real pain. Please put back an easy switch option.


Hey Bob-
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are working on switching this feature back for users with less than five controllers!

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That would be great. I have 31 zones in my yard, so I needed 3 controllers, but they are effectively all part of the same system so easily switching between them is important.