Why is moisture level zero when we got a decent rain yesterday?

Big storms in my area last night. Moisture level reading zero for all zones and watering is happening now. Why?

Check the weather station that you are using. Most likely it is not recording precipitation or it received no precipitation.

According to the received precipitation data from your selected weather station, it seems that it may be incorrectly reporting the amount of rainfall:


While I continue to investigate this, I recommend that in the meantime you try switching to a Personal Weather Station (PWS). I notice that there are several much closer to you (few as close as 1mile) than your currently selected station (12.78mi).

Please let me know if you notice any improvement with a closer station!


Wanted to give you an update, we’ve received a response from Aeris regarding the reported issue:

Our team has reviewed this issue and found the cause…

Specifically, an update to the platform last week seems to have caused a bug to surface. Specifically, some NOAA observations stations will send out a 24 hour precip parameter with the observation. For most stations this will be for the current day, though for these stations the value is the QCd value for the previous day.

The update last week was incorrectly using this value for the current day, if other precipitation had fallen, vs applying the value to the previous day’s summary.

Our team has implemented the following in order:
Quick Fix - Reverted the change from last week
Added new tests based on this bug.
Resolved the bug of which all tests have passed.
Compared updated values to NOAA values for several hundred stations.
Pushed the critical path to production.
Updating the summary data for the past few weeks to ensure it’s accurate

AerisWeather Support

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention, we hope that you’ll improvements with your weather data reporting moving forward. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.