Why is Flex Daily watering day before a storm?

I’ve read through some past postings on the topic, but still trying to wrap my head around how Flex Daily regards anticipated rain.

My zone is current at 0% moisture, so I get why the system wants to water this evening. But the Rachio is anticipating 1.14 inches of rain tomorrow. Shouldn’t it be able to hold off for the night given this expected rain?

I took this screenshot at 5pm today, 1/27:

Here’s the calendar’s expected rainfall for tomorrow, 1/28:

I think it’s because Rachio will prevent your moisture to go below 0%. It thinks your plants really need water based on how it is programmed. It waits until it thinks your plants must get water. That’s why I can’t wait until tomorrow

I would be nice if it would add just a day’s worth of water, knowing/assuming there will be a lot of water available the next day.