Why Doesn't 'Checkbook' Go Negative?

Starting at the beginning, and looking at a zone before any modification, for the soil moisture ‘checkbook,’ I see:

Forecasted (i.e. today)
Prev Moisture Bal=0
Irrig (+) = 0
Precip (+) =0
Crop Evap = 0.30 in.
Current Moisture Bal = 0

If the general consensus is manual waterings count against the checkbook, then why isn’t checkbook being decremented when there’s no manual watering happening.

I would think that for today, the day that I installed the Iro, crop evap did indeed occur (it’s well over 100 degrees F here in Dallas BTW, at the moment). Thus, why doesn’t Current Moisture Bal = -0.30 at the moment?

Many thanks.

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@a0128958, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I like the idea, but could be confusing at the same time. The initial goal with the Moisture Level graphs was to provide a simple visual of how, why and when Flex schedules would run. In theory, the Iro should be keeping the zone at or above the allowed depletion line once Flex schedules are setup and running.

When was the Flex schedule created that is showing you this data? Could you please reach out to our support team [support@rachio.com] to review your account in more detail? Is this related to the zone that you were working on and mentioned in this post/topic yesterday?

Best, Emil

I started over to reset all soil moisture accumulated values. Successfully done without using blink process, but only because franz bailed me out doing configuration work on the cloud end for my account.

Look at soil moisture numbers immediately after starting over. They show a bank balance of zero for yesterday in spite of no rain and no water and 0.30" of crop evaporation. This isn’t correct, but, how is the system to know what was done yesterday before the system was set up? OK, fine. Zero bank balance thus makes sense.

Now look at today. Prev Moisture Bal still = 0, Rain and Irrigation are zero, crop evap = 0.30 in, but bank balance (Current Moist Bal) is still zero. This isn’t correct, but again, how is the system to know what was done today before system set up (flex schedule set up)? Thus, again, zero bank balance makes sense.

Now look at tomorrow. This is second day that flex schedule is ‘in control.’ So now bank balances start being computed, day by day.

After careful study, assuming the above I just wrote makes sense, I think a zero bank balance makes sense until the next day after a flex schedule is established.

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