Why does total time for a zone with respect to soil type have conflicting behaviors between Gen2 and Gen1 controllers

I have Gen1 controller and I also manage Gen2 controller of a family member. Today I was playing with Rachio app on my iPHone 5s. I have latest version installed.
I changed soil type from Loam to Silty Loam for a zone on my Gen1. Then I checked the watering time for that zone in my Flex schedule. It went up. That makes sense because Silty Loam absorbs water slowly compared to Loam.
Then on Gen2 controller, I did the same. I changed soil type from Loam to Silty Loam. I thought the time would go up. Instead it went down.

Is it a bug with Gen2 controller?


The software behind all of our controllers is the same for Gen 1 and Gen 2 (except for the firmware which just runs the schedules.) ,so it feels like something else might be going on. If you could take some screenshots of the different zone settings and send to support@rachio.com (with both controller usernames) we’d be glad to take a deeper look at the settings and determine what the root cause is.

Thanks for reporting this and have a great day.


@Videoguy, just curious if you connected with the support team to review your zones and schedules yet? I cannot find a Rachio account associated with the email address you’re using here to cross check :pensive: