Why does the manual start arrow disappear every now and then

Every one in a while I go in to try to manually start a zone and there is no arrow just a little update circle. Other pages work fine in the app and I up disable/enable zones but the manual start is not there.

It then comes back like 15/20 minutes later.

Hi @zalusky, good afternoon. Thanks for reaching out.

Sounds like your Iro might be going offline for short periods of time…is the play icon/arrow replaced with the Rachio Iro?

This is usually an issue with your router and/or ISP. Does the Iro come back online if you tap on the update circle? Does the Iro’s WiFi light start blinking green after it comes back online?

Best, Emil

So it just happened again. I am in the manual start screen and see the image of the IRO. There is no play arrow. There is just a little circle with two arrows. If I hit that it says updating and thats it.

I can do other things in the app. I power cycled the IRO. I even did an update WiFi dialog and that worked fine. The WiFi light is blinking.green.

I can get to the network fine as as I am sending email as we speak. The router is 15 feet away from the IRO with no walls.

If I come back later it will be mostly suddenly be available.

I have the same problem. The Play icon disappears and is replaced only with the rachio logo. I can manually start zones from the web interface if necessary.

I also power cycled the IRO and did a WIFI update which worked fine. WiFi light is blinking green. Strange.

@huntvegas, I think I just replied to you on support. Usually, if you do not see the play icon, the app sees your Iro as offline. However, when checking your account via your email address, I’m seeing your Iro as online from our end so your app probably just timed out and needs to be refreshed.

You should be able to refresh the app by tapping on the refresh icon in the lower left hand corner of the Iro.

You shouldn’t need to power cycle or update your WiFi network. The only time you should have to update your WiFi network is if your SSID or password change. Otherwise, you can always just power cycle the Iro to check it’s WiFi connectivity. It will always blink green for 60 minutes after it’s reconnected to WiFi, then no gray (turn off).

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil