Why do zone show zero moisture

I am using Rachio 3, flex daily schedule. Sprinklers came on this morning it has been pouring the last week and raining a lot the last 10 days (we had flooding two days ago). It is going to rain a lot in the next week. This morning the sprinkles came on. Looked at the zones and they all said soil moisture was at zero. I had this same problem about a week ago and so I filled up each zone thinking this would solve the problem. Also using Weather Intelligence plus. 6 inches of rain in last four days. What am I doing wrong.

It’s probably due to the soil type you have which is loamy sand. The ability for that to hold water is very low so the system will want to water more frequently. To fill your zone bucket is .21in of water (amount it can hold). So when you have a day of evapotranspiration of .14in and .17in it is already depleted. I would change the soil type to something like loam and see how it performs.

Regarding the large amount of rain, we do only let the system go to 110% over capacity (saturation) which doesn’t always account for the additional amount of moisture received. I agree our saturation levels could go higher, which would account for excessive rain events.