Why Didn't Rachio Water This Morning?

Two of my zones show 0 on yesterday’s water level and estimated precipitation today is less than evapotranspiration. I would have expected it to water this morning. What gives?

Here is the moisture chart from one of the two zones (they look identical):

My first guess would be that when the system was deciding to run this morning that the weather forecast was for more precipitation, and then the forecast changed later to a lesser amount.

Fortunately,the rain has finally come.

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@rbeck I would guess @Linn is right on that, when did you check expected precipitation for today? Your controller usually checks around midnight. If you want to tell me which weather station you are pulling from I can look into it! Glad to hear the rain did come :smile:
McKynzee :rachio:

I checked at ~14:45 CDT on the 24th (using the posting time). The station I use is MID_E1268, which has been a very reliable station and is within 1 mile of my house.