Why did schedules change so much on May 1st?

So my system changed what it is doing as of May 1. All the data is presented below. The question is why did it go from watering every other day to watering every day. The total over a three day period is now about 8% less water but why every day now. I am in NE Florida and have St Augustine grass. The area being watered is about 20,000 sqft and is a mix of turf and shrubs.

Just took a look at what the irrigation system is doing now versus before the May1 change.

Here is how much each zone runs in minutes, when it runs.

Zone April May

1/ 12/ 8

2/ 12/ 8

3/ 20/ 12

4/ 12 /6

5 /20 /12

6 /20/ 12

7/ 9/ 6

8/ 18 /11

9/ 14/ 8

All/ 136/ 83

I think I can only look at this on a total basis as the pressure drop and number of heads on each zone are different so I don’t really know flow rate per zone.

In April it ran for 136 minutes and used roughly 2,050 gallons – which equates to 15.07 GPM

In May it is running for 83 minutes and using roughly 1,270 gallons – which equates to 15.03 GPM

In April it ran every other day, while now it is running every day. Thus in three days it was running for 272 minutes and now it is running for 247 minutes. Thus water consumption per day averaged out to 1,366 gallons in April and has dropped to 1,260 in May. That equates to a drop in usage of only about 8%.

The question I am asking is why did it decide to switch to every day watering rather than every other???