Why did my Rachio skip a watering cycle?

I am new to Rachio, great product BTW, and use a PWS that is 1.97miles away from my house. I got the Email overnight saying that the water cycle was skipped…

“skipped since station PWS_SHELLBROOK observed 0.21 in of precipitation with a total threshold of 0.125”

which surprised me as we are 100’F+ in Boise at the moment and so I went to the PWS station to confirm that there was ‘0.00inch’ rain reported in the past 24hours.
I’d like to understand what I did wrong… what information would people need to help diagnose?
Note: Since I installed the 16-port Rev 2 Unit I have had a valid ‘skip’ cycle so I know that it should/does work!

@hockeyozz Can you post the URL retrieved to get the PWS_SHELLBROOK data that shows zero precipitation?

I’ll send the discrepancy to our weather service provider and have them research this on their end.



Franz, Here is the information for the PWS…

BUT … looking more closely @ the PWS page (too many options to see on the page) it does seem that there WAS Precipitation between 5:30AM and 6:29AM of 0.21inchs. Seems rather bogus to me but it looks like the Rachio was working as advertised based on the data it got from this PWS.

Not sure I agree with the recorded precipitation … so any comments on what I should do to learn from this?

Thanks for the quick response … much appreciated.


@hockeyozz Ok, some PWS do at times report bogus data.

I just installed mine, and I know during installation if the unit is tipped over in any way you will get some wild precipitation readings.

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. One of our goals is to expand our weather footprint which will be realized in future releases.