Why did each zone water 5 minutes this am?

I have a simple Southern California system. 5 Zones total. I have it set to water each zone for 1 minute. And I recently set the calendar to water every 3rd day. Also, I believe I have all of the suggested triggers set to water smart. As in if it rains, it will not water.

I am wondering which one of these smart settings caused my watering system to water each zone for 5 minutes this AM, instead of the usual 1 minute?

Sorry, I have no idea why the watering time would change. Certainly not due to the smart settings, as they delay or prevent watering rather than increase it, except for Flex Monthly, and that would only change at the first of the month.

What does your History say? Does it confirm 1 minute on all occasions except this last one, which is 5 minutes?

I assume you’re using a Fixed schedule to do this (1 minute per zone every 3rd day). Can I ask what you’re watering? My experience is that in hotter weather, it sometimes takes a half a minute to even start watering, so you might not get much water in 1 minute’s time. Plus, I can’t think of an irrigation requirement that would need only one minute.

Just took a look at settings and was surprised to see duration was up to 25 minutes. Which set each zone to 5 minutes

I set it back to a total of 5 minutes giving each zone 1 minute

Not sure how it changed or what I could have changed elsewhere in the app that would have caused it

If you don’t mind, I’m still curious what crop each of your 5 zones contain that requires only 1 minute of water every 3 days?