Why can't I schedule for two different days?

It’s pretty simple, I have a Flex Monthly Schedule with an Interval of Wed and Saturday only.

When I hit save, only Wednesday shows on the Calendar. Saturday is not there.
If I change it to Tuesday and Saturday, only Saturday is there, no Tuesday.

What gives? Do I need to do two different schedules? This should be very simple Interval Wed and Saturday, end before Sunrise, Smart Cycle, and all Skips activated.


Because Flex Monthly doesn’t see the need to water both days based on your settings?

If you want to force it to water 2 days a week, you can use Fixed Schedule with all the same parameters…

I thought about that. But it doesn’t make sense. Flex should adjust based on season. Yet it (assuming it is the problem), just skips one day forever?

With a Flex Schedule, you are telling Rachio that it may water on the days you have selected, IF Rachio determines that water is in fact needed on those days.

To force a run on selected days, then create a Fixed Schedule.

I’d like to believe that (and it is possibly true), but how does it know that I won’t need it ever? I would expect to see it on the Saturdays (or Tuesdays) for the entire calendar - but it is completely gone for those days. I know the system is smart - but how does it see into the future :slight_smile:

It uses weather forecast for future dates.
The forecast is updated periodically (maybe midnight), so the future calendar may change.

EDIT: Sorry, the above is true for Flex Daily schedule, not Flex Monthly.

From Rachio documentation:

Why didn’t my Flex Monthly schedule water on the days I chose?

Flex Monthly schedules determine the watering interval based on 30-year historical weather data. The interval will change month to month. When creating your schedule, you get to choose allowed watering days. Those aren’t necessarily the exact days that your schedule is going to run, those are just the days that the schedule is allowed to run. For example, you may have selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as the allowed watering days, but your schedule may only need to run on one or two of those days rather than all three.

You can increase the frequency of watering by increasing the crop coefficient:

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