While You're At It (Merging Flex and Fixed Schedules)


I can’t believe this has not already been implemented. I know Rain Bird and Irritrol (Toro) both already support this. RainMachine can do it. I’m sure there are others as well. This is not that odd of a feature. Rachio seems to be way behind in this. I just got my Rachio and it is essentially useless because of this lack of feature. In my municipality we cannot water between 6am and 6pm. Another option that would help with this situation would be the ability to run a drip station while other stations run/cycle, but that is just a Band-Aid not a solution.

I see the last post was April 2016, is there any idea of when this will be implemented? If there is no forecast for this I will probably return my rachio.

Watering window

@nvanlaar - Rachio has made comments that they’re re-writing the calendar/scheduling for V3 of the software in order to handle all the different watering restrictions that are in place around the country. So far there has been no announcement on the release of this software and I don’t expect to see any official comments from Rachio staff on features or availability until it is actually released.

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Thanks! I was/am trying to transition from a Rain Bird ESP-LXM with the etManager module (the receiver keeps burning out). I use to do commercial Landscape design and am familiar with smart (et) controllers so I was initially excited, but now a little bummed because I now perceive that the rachio is feature poor comparatively speaking. The Rain Bird allowed for very granular control of all aspects, but could also be setup to be completely automatic. The good news is that rachio can be updated.

All that said, I don’t expect an exact date, but would like to see some goal or tentative idea for the update to be completed by (insert date).


but flex makes up for 15 other features.