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Good morning all. I live in central california and have been using flexible daily for my lawn for over 6 months. Over the last month, the lawn is getting underwater and is dying. I added a few cycles to add additional water and help out however I have a few questions. I am using rotors and looked up the type of soil through GPS county maps which stated I have loam. However, our landscaper brought in all new top soil for the new lawn which was placed 2 years ago and is Enduro grass which is a dwarf drought resistant fescue which I believe to be cool season blend. What are the best adjustments I can make to increase the watering appropriately. I have already increased the recommended watering level to 135%. Recommendations welcome!

How accurate do you feel your root depth is?

I have no clue. It’s a three year old lawn. They saw enduro roots can reach several feet but uncertain here.

You could increase the allowed depletion, this would increase frequency. You could decrease the efficiency, this would increase the watering time.

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You might try and take a little core sample or test in a spot and see if you can get an accurate root depth as that directly affects watering times and time between them pretty heavily. If your number is too high that can cause things to get under watered.

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My first two recommendations would most likely be reducing your root zone depth and increasing your crop coefficient. Like @Brett mentioned, you could investigate the root zone depth a bit to see if you think it’s accurate!

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