Where is 'Zone Durations' Summary Screen on Smart Phone I/F?

I’m stumped. Have looked all over my phone (Samsung Galexy S5 - Android) for the ‘Zone Durations’ screen, as pictured in the dogfood posting. Can anyone help me find it?

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Here are the editing screens:


I couldn’t find zone duration editing capability in either the IE browser or Android phone I/F. Now I see where they’re both at. Thank you.

Meanwhile, I’ve printed the Editing Screens instructions you kindly pointed to, as it has in one place commentary on each variable and how each adjustment of each variable affects the big picture.

I’ve further printed the CSU paper, referenced in the Editing Screens paper, to study.

I remain perplexed as to why I need to make adjustments to a flex schedule during the course of the watering season. As long as I have the variables accurately representing my soil, plant type, gph capability of sprinkler system, slope, etc. why is schedule adjustment needed during the course of the year.

I’m searching for the Holy Grail - one automated schedule that includes all of my zones, set on automatic, constantly adjusting for weather conditions on a once every 24 hour basis.

I am in the process of separating annuals from warm season grasses. And likewise shrubs from WSG. I’ve learned that I have to tell the controller I have flowers when a zone includes flowers. But, that’s way too much frequency of water for my warm season grass. I’ve gained appreciation that a separate sprinkler zone is needed whenever a variable significantly is different from one zone to the next. I’ll have my 16 zone Rachio filled up with all 16 zones by the time the year is done. This will further reduce water usage.

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