Where is precipitation data coming from?

I woke up this morning (June 9) to see that the Rachio skipped my morning schedule because 0.52" had been observed in the last 48 hours. I have my skip trigger set to 0.25". While it did rain some last evening, my analog gauge that I have out back barely measured 1/10 of an inch. And when I look online at all of the Weather Underground and CoCORaHS data there is no station within a 10 mile radius of me reporting more than 0.20" in the last 48 hours. A Weather Underground station 1/4 of a mile directly east of me measured only 0.14" over the period. How can Rachio’s data be so far off? Very puzzling. I was hoping I could could count on the Weather Intelligence Plus while I am out of town but not so sure now.

I had the engineering team review and seeing similar data (.20 inches).

Will open a support ticket with our weather service providing this information.


Closing this out with a response from our weather provider.

Our developers tried reprocessing the data, but we received the same results. The discrepancy is likely related to the sources of data that are taken into consideration when estimating precipitation. In addition to weather stations, radar estimates are also included in calculating the estimated precipitation amount over a 2.5 km radius. Although these situations may occasionally crop up, our team will look into future improvements to ensure that precipitation estimates can be made more accurately.