Where is Freeze Skip?

Hi all - does anyone know where the Freeze Skip setting is? I don’t see it in the iPhone app or the controller webpage at https://app.rach.io. If someone could point me to where I could adjust the settings of Freeze Skip, I’d appreciate it.

This should help.

Just let us know if you have any other questions.


Thanks. Actually, I watched the video previously and it didn’t have the info to fix my issue. The problem for me was that I use Flexible Daily Schedule. Unfortunately, that is the only schedule type that does not allow access to freeze skip and rain skip settings. Bummer.

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Ah Ok. It is actually on by default in flex daily with a threshold of 32 degrees.

Unfortunately this can not be adjusted with the current release of software. We hope to address this gap in our next major release of software.


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I would love to hear an update on this feature/improvement. I woke up Saturday morning to the friendly notification that a few of my zones had just finished running…while it was 25 degrees outside???

For all the intelligence built into this system, it wouldn’t have even dawned on me that the Rachio software wouldn’t know not to operate in sub-freezing conditions by default.

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Is Freeze Skip editable in the app yet?

I don’t think the freezing point is a reasonable point to skip watering. I would like to set it to a warmer temperature than that.


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Agreed - chances are I don’t need to be watering much, if at all, if we’re touching freezing. I’d set this feature to skip at 40 or so.

This is the time of year here in Kansas where we will have a 75 degree day and 2 days later we freeze. It’s not time to shut the sprinklers down entirely but I need to know that this fancy device is smart enough to not run when it’s 25 out!

@franz - any update you can share on this feature?

@RLembke @jdoree

What type of schedules are you running on the controller?


Flex Daily here.

As the post above mentioned, the help page linked above doesn’t help as it doesn’t appear the Flex Daily setup page has a Weather Intelligence section unless I’m missing something.

Appreciate the help greatly!

That’s correct. Our new software release (v3) will include the ability to toggle freeze skip (and adjust the temperature). We are currently in-testing and will let you know when that feature is available.

Thanks and have a great week.


I’ve learned a lot here that my grass, plants and trees don’t need water when it’s really cold. I hope the temperature adjustment range goes to upwards of 50 degrees.

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