What's Your Rachio Secret?

Hey Friends!

Lo with Rachio here! I’m so amazed by all of the incredible knowledge and support that you all share with each other (and our team).

I’m hoping to put together a resource for new Rachio owners that gives them the best insider secrets, tips, and tricks. Would any of you guys be up for sharing something cool that you’ve discovered with your Rachio that you wish someone would have told you sooner?

Me and the new members of the Rachio family would be extremely grateful :smiley:

-Lo :rachio:


If you are going to use a flex daily schedule this link is a must, I spent too much time computing my own available water


@laura.bauman - for those on flex with irregularly spaced drip systems you’ve got

@azdavidr 's calculator (which you’ve already found):


And @azdavidr also put together this helpful step-by-step guide to use the web soil survey.


When setting up Flex Daily schedules always have at least one day where the schedule isn’t allowed to water - so one can edit the schedule in the future.

See ->

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I think something that should be stated, the fact that this thread exists is the real secret. I wish we could encourage more ppl to post their questions no matter how stupid the user thinks they are.

I visit the other products’ forums to find smart ppl to recommend rachio to and some don’t even have a forum, the ones that do provide a dumpster fire of information. Hear is an example of what I mean

I’m not sure how to promote posting, maybe a mass mailer to registered users stating that the power users wish they had more ppl to help on the forums, I don’t know.


Here is an example of how to use the advanced zone settings to understand why the moisture graph does what it does.

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@Lo - you might as well add this one that has the blow by blow information for replacing indexing valves with individual valves to get optimum results from the new controller and it also covers Intermatic replacement, pump start relay along with indexing valve.


You guys are great! Thank you so much for all of these tips and thoughts :slight_smile: Keep em coming!

-Lo :rachio:

Great point! I’m hoping the project I’m working on may get the word out a little more :slight_smile:

When using the web app to access your Rachio, always make sure to refresh it if you are using an existing tab, or bring it up new. If you don’t, you can get some VERY interesting results and unexpected results! :wink:


For drip, I calculate the application rate based on the largest tree (with the most emitters) in my home orchard and then scale down the emitters for the smaller trees on the same zone. Each year I add an emitter or two depending on tree growth. Eventually they’ll all have similar water requirements since I’ll keep them pruned. It’s not perfect, given differences in root depth and ET, but will do and is KISS principle.