What's it mean when the lights on the Gen2 "spin" around the 4 center lights?

I’m new here! Just installed the Gen2 a couple days ago. So far, all seems to be working fine. While I was in the garage, where the device is installed, I happen to notice the blue lights “spinning” around the center lights for several seconds. What does that mean? As far as I know, everything is working. No record of anything happening on the device history page. Just curious? Thanks in advance.

Pretty sure the controller was in a rain delay, and every 30 seconds it will virtually rain :wink:


Franz, Thank you. That makes total sense, since it was in Rain Delay mode! :grinning:


@dennyls @franz That is my favorite light code :umbrella:

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You guys and gals just made me go stand in my garage to watch it since I’m currently on a rain delay. :fireworks:

Now you’ve made it known you can use the ring lights for other things… watch out… product requests perhaps inbound.:dart: