What zone type? Alternative lawns

Wife and I are looking into alternative lawns such as clover, chamomile, creeping thyme, creeping rosemary, or creeping charlie. What zone type do you select for something like these? Our land is just over an acre on the eastern plains of Colorado. We have a house, outbuilding, and circle driveway on it. We are leaning towards creeping thyme in one smaller area separated by concrete and the driveway. The rest would be buffalo grass in some areas and a microclover/fescue/ryegrass mix in others. Buffalo grass is a warm season grass so I would set those zones as such. Fescue and ryegrass are cool season grasses, but it would be mixed in with microclover. Would I still set these zones as cool season? Does anyone have alternatives to a regular lawn you see in your neighborhood? This link is to the clover/fescue/ryegrass mix we are looking into. https://ptlawnseed.com/collections/eco-and-alternative-lawns/products/pt-769-r-r-eco-turf-mix?variant=1262123392
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have set up and used some of these substitutes that you have mentioned.

Chamomile tends to like the cold season grass setting since it gets a bit more thirsty in the summer. Creeping Thyme likes the warm season grass settings.
Creeping Rosemary, although considered a perennial, tends to favor the Xeriscape setting once it is established.


Thanks for your insights. These are very helpful. Do you have any suggestions for when you first planted these? How did you handle watering to get them established?

These plants establish easily.
I use an interval watering and set it for about 3 weeks. I set it to water a few minutes, every 6 hours on drip.