What to do about inaccurate Weather Station Data (precipitation)

I looked into the rain fall data from all the iOS app preferred selectable weather stations in my area (about 25mi radius). They all report less then .5 inches of rain. I have a rain gauge tube that has 3 inches of rain in it. (and it even has a small leak).

I have considered setting up my own weather station to get good precipitation values. After reviewing the forum, I believe the rachio staff only recommends using the stations they have entered in the app. The app stations have bad data, so what are my options?

Sometimes national weather stations, based on distance to your house or micro-climates, won’t have the most accurate data.

I have actually warmed up to PWS stations. That’s what I used last summer and was really pleased with the results.

You can actually verify the accuracy/data on a lot of the PWS stations out there. On the map screen you will see a ‘More Info’ link

Tap on that, and a lot of times you can see standard deviation for the data, how long it has been transmitting, etc.

This year we will have the ability to get observed precipitation with a ridiculous amount of resolution. No promises on dates, but that is the great thing about purchasing a cloud based controller, we will be able to continue to enhance with features no one has even imagined yet :wink:

Hope this helps.


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.

It’s hard to say without knowing location and siting of those rain gauges. But if you’re getting 3 inches and everyone else is getting less than 1/2" I’d suspect that your rain gauge might be in a bad location. (Like under an eve of a roof or near a channeling surface)

If you can, place the rain gauge in a yard if available 3’ above the ground and away from trees and overhead obstructions if possible.

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