What time does Rachio think it is?


How do I check the internal clock setting on my Rachio Gen 2? I thought the start times were off but realized that flex schedules had stacked up several zones this morning so it ran later than I had expected. Nonetheless I initially questioned the internal clock setting and couldn’t find what time the controller thinks it is.


It should go based off your location set up.


That’s what I remember as well but haven’t found a way to view the actual clock time it is using.


I don’t know how to view an actual clock, but have you verified your location in the device settings? Where are you located?


Can’t say that I know where to find this either, but I know my schedules fire up right on time, so I know it’s got me on the right time zone…


Well its sort of a hack method but you can have your system make any change such as water a zone or even simpler put it into standby and then look at the time stamp of the action that just occurred. Actually being able to see the clock though… got me.


I am in the MST time zone. After digging through the history notifications I think the clock is set right, looks like the first start times are right on time. I was just hoping for a direct check rather than a wait for the results kind of check. It seems like some of the older screenshots in the support database show a time at the top of the app. I still think it would be a convenient and reassuring feature to have.