What is "other" schedule type?


What in the world is “other” schedule type? I looked at my moisture levels this morning for one of my zones and found this. It should just be a flex daily. I haven’t changed anything in the last couple of days. The amount of water it put down is correct, but it’s showing up weird.

HELP - Flex is killing my flowers


Thanks, having the engineering team review.




We did some checking and your controller does quite a bit of thrashing (connecting/re-connecting) which created that “other” type watering. We actually have firmware code that will send any completed schedule data if the controller is offline during water completion. If we didn’t have that you would have “lost” that watering :wink:

This also explains the choppy event history.

Are you using a range extender, do you have a vanilla network setup or something elaborate?

Also might start by updating the firmware on your router, that actually solves a lot of these issues.

Here is some of the sausage.


Events and Notifications Missing

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. But not quite sure what to try to fix this. I’m running a Netgear V7000-100NAS modem/router. Pretty vanilla. No extender. But I use Spectrum as my internet provider. I own my router (not a Spectrum router, just an approved one) – but Netgear only allows Spectrum to push firmware updates. I can’t do it myself from Netgear. And the firmware looks like it might be current. The Netgear website says that with Spectrum I should be at V1.01.28 and I’m at V1.01.29.

I’ll try and reboot/recycle of the router and see if that helps. If not, do you have any other ideas of what I can do, short of buying a new router?


I can’t really help there, not my area of expertise. Nothing is actually “broken” except the controller connecting/re-connecting which can sometimes provide a less than ideal experience. Some crazy churn last hour. My expectation would be maybe disconnecting/re-connecting once or twice per day.