What Exactly Does This Mean?

Two days ago my flex daily calendar showed there was a schedule run on Sunday 9/12. Yesterday at some point, there was an update to the calendar and it showed the schedule moved to the next day, Monday the 13th. At around midnight last night I noticed my soil moistures were now at 0%, but the calendar still showed a run on Monday. We didn’t have any rain, so there were no weather changes. I woke up this morning and saw this push notification message below:

“Weather skip update on 9/12. Flex daily will not be skipped because the weather has changed”

What exactly does this mean?

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I had a similar message over the weekend. I didn’t dig into it, but all my zones ran as expected. Possibly a small glitch from the forecasting service used by Rachio…?

That seems like a forecast of rain (meaning you should skip), was wrong. Rain canceled → skip canceled.

thanks for the awesome information.