What about Gen 1 Wifi changed?

Hi team, and users,
I see a lot of help around Gen 2 and Gen 2 with the Wifi, even on the Rachio website… but nowhere I can find a solution when you’ve changed the Wifi password and you have your Gen 1 with the Red light flashing 1 long - 3 shorts - 1 long… etc…
When I start the app on my mobile, and I go through the whole login, and scanned my barcode to add my exisisting controller, it tells me that my controller already exists.
Anyway, whatever i do… I’m stuck.
Any suggestion?

If you need to update your WiFi, you can head in to the app (one of the mobile apps, either Android or iOS), then on the More tab you’ll see an option for “Controller Settings”. Tap that, then there’s an option to update the WiFi of your current device.

Once in that screen, you’ll get instructions for your device on how to reset the WiFi. With Gen 1 you’ll basically need to unplug, then plug the device back in to get it ready in the mode to read in WiFi credentials, then the app will have you put in the network name and password to blink up to the controller.


If you need the controller removed from a different account please PM me a picture of the serial number.

there aren’t any More tab on the app.
As soon as I start it, it tells me there is no controller and the only choice I have is to add one.
I follow the instructions until the step where I scan the barcode of my gen1 and there it tells me that my controller already exists.
It seems that until I can access the controller’s info, there is no More tab neither Controller settings. That is the problem : How can you access the controller settings if you can’t at first add it?

Hi Franz,
are you telling me there is no way to add my existing controller back to my app?
When I log to the app with my credentials and try to add my controller, it tells me that my controller already exists and there is no way out, or any other options…

Here are the steps I get when I first start the app.
As you can see at the end, after having scanned my barcode, there is nothing else i can do except to Try again… and again…

That indicates that the controller you’re trying to add is associated with another account. Are you signed in with another account than the one you had originally added that controller to? If not, check with Franz above to have the controller switched to your account.

Hey Fab,

I was just responding to your DM when I noticed this thread. As @zachio mentioned, it does look like you’re currently logged into a different account than the one your controller is currently added to.

As @franz requested, all we need is a picture of your Serial # from the back of your device and I can go ahead and transfer the controller to your new account.

We are looking into ways to improve this experience for the future.

Thanks Fab!

I went ahead and transferred your controller over to your new account. You should now see it within the app and can complete the following instructions:

  1. Open the App, navigate to More tab
  2. Click Controller Settings
  3. Click Update Wi-Fi Network
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you need any further assistance.