We're bringing gallons back (yeah!) 🎶

Rachio’s 3.3 app release is here! Let’s go over what’s new.

Estimated Usage Toggle

You asked, we listened. Users who had tuned in their precipitation rates and zone sizes to get accurate estimated usage can now choose to view their usage in estimated gallons or liters.

To switch your usage units, go to More, then Account Settings. From there, you will see Usage Units, where you can switch between Estimated Gallons/Liters and Time.

Note: In order to get more accurate data, we recommend that you use time if you have not correctly configured your zone sizes and precipitation rates.

Rachio Accessories

With the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter on the horizon, restructuring was needed to make flow sensors first class citizens. Enter: Accessories.

There will be a new section in the “More” menu called accessories now. Wired and wireless sensor configuration now lives in this section of the app (rather than controller settings). Any settings previously configured will be maintained, so no need to go reconfigure!

<- (look at that Rachio 3 :fire:)

Other Updates

  • Home screen schedule and calendar icons changed to droplets, as well as some other mall UI enhancements in this section.
  • General performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

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Any chance in seeing a way to determine a percentage of rainfall that should be considered on a per zone basis? I’d really like to be able to put in a percentage for stuff under trees and set 0% of zones under eaves so I can keep everything in one very simple flexible daily schedule.

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This is awesome. Thank you so much for listening to us customers. I rely on the gallons used when I have to appeal my sewer bill. This feature alone has been able to save me hundreds of dollars over the last several years.


Thanks very much everyone at Rachio. I really appreciate your bringing gallons back!