Weird scheduling

I added a new schedule for 8 zones, call it “schedule 1”. Enabled the Smart Cycle, Water Budgeting and Weather Intelligence. I got two 21 minute segments, each covering all 8 zones (each zone within the “segment” have varying watering times based on the zone parameters but basically most are 2.5 or 3 minutes). Now, I added a second schedule, call it “schedule 2” with identical parameters to the first but starting at a later time. I got an additional 5 segments of 28 minutes each. That doesn’t make sense.

Is there any overlap in the times of the sprinkler runs; would the schedule for the second schedule interfere with that of the first?

@kshvine‌ and @jimmyjimjim‌ our system will resolve all schedule overlaps.

@kshvine‌ if I understand you correctly, you created two identical schedules, both with Smart Cycle, and our system created two different schedules?