Got the grass going great, now what are strategies to handle the weeds? Use a weed-n-feed fertizlier? Spray on product?

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Depending on grass type, I suggest Scott’s weed n feed. Had great results. Also depending on the type of weeds you have, you may need to spot treat some that may be immune to the other. Scott’s has a good app out that notifies you when to apply products to your yard.

It depends really. Scotts makes decent stuff but I’m a big fan of the pro products. I have a weed service and it only costs me $3 extra dollars than if I sprayed the chemicals myself.

Just be careful with the weather. Most sprays that I know can not be applied at a temperature above 85 degrees. It can stress the grass and potentially kill your lawn. Make sure you read the label and good luck.

yea for real, and he lives in the devils anus crack so yes, many opportunities to burn.

If its a few, just pull them (make sure to get the roots). Works the best, really.

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But I would assume there are seeds now, a hormone blocker is needed as well.

DO NOT USE weed and feed products. You’ll end up fertilizing the weeds! Google weed and feed and you’ll see no reputable Cooperative Extension Service recommends weed and feed. Instead, identify the weeds and spot spray. If the weeds are really bad use a premixed herbicide that you can attach to the hose and spray the whole lawn. Be very, very careful with herbicides during the summer because they will burn the crap out of your lawn. Personally, I would fertilize and mow frequently. The best thing is to hire a lawn weed control service that will come at the optimum time to apply preemergent herbicides. That’s my two cents.


@Modawg2k I asked the same question at my local Ewings shop and they recommended Speed Zone applied with a pump sprayer. I followed directions for concentration and applied it late one evening. It was about 9pm and still about 95 degrees. They recommend applying at temps that are 90F and below. Fortunately it worked great, and my weeds issue looked more pervasive than yours.

However, it may not be for you. They recommended keeping dogs and kids off of the lawn for a while after application, and I know that you have both. This stuff gives off fumes, especially at high temps. Maybe it works for you if you’re headed out for a family trip with no activity in the yard for a while, or if you’re planning on using it on an area where the dogs and kids don’t roam.


So this is ok to use on Bermuda grass? I had a massive weed infestation in an area that my dog doesn’t have access to so this would be perfect.

@JPedrego Yep, I have Bermuda. It’s probably a decent time right now with the monsoon weather bringing temps down and giving the lawn less intense sun.

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Thanks everyone for the tips. I was gone for a week and when I came back, many of those weeds were gone. Perhaps my healthy bermuda is choking them out? I am going to stick with pulling at the moment since they are so few.

Don’t even get me started on this “monsoon” season so far. I think my little area is the only place in town that has gotten almost no rain this summer. Everytime something rolls into town, it just passes us. Last night it was pretty intense, super high winds, but all the rain stayed just north. I haven’t had 1 skip day yet due to rain.

Check your mowing height. Make sure it’s not too short. I am in North Carolina with fescue and mow at 3.5 to 4.0 inches.

See http://www.turffiles.ncsu.edu/alerts/grasses/mowing-height-impacts-weed-populations.

Get your soil tested and follow their recommendations. Your local extension office can help you with that. Lastly, make sure you are fertilizing at the correct times. Again in North Carolina with fescue one fertilizes Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentines day. If you only do it once a year do it around Halloween.

If you have a weed issue, identify the weed and treat appropriately which means looking for the specific chemical that is effective for the weed you have. I have some nutsedge in my front lawn this year and am using sulfentrazone to treat it. I live near some Bermuda grass lawns and use triclopyr to manage the Bermuda that gets into my yeard.

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