Website Slow - Only Me?

Throughout this summer I’ve noticed that making changes or creating schedules via the web app is excruciatingly slow, worse than dial-up slow. Am I the only one? I’m trying to figure out if it’s something with my network, computer, etc. or if the bottleneck is on Rachio’s end… I’m still using Gen 1 controller.


Hey Ben-
We haven’t gotten reports on a slow web app recently, but it definitely sounds like something is up with yours! Could you trying running the app in private/incognito mode and let me know if it runs any faster? That would give me more insight as to what is maybe going on! Thanks!
McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks McKynzee. I’ll try that out when I get home and let you know if it changes anything. I logged in from work this morning and it was much faster, seems like it’s on my end at home. I appreciate your help, have a good day!

@Bullock No problem! Sounds like it’s probably something going on on the home computer, let me know how that test goes and hopefully we can get it working quicker for you.

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No problem here in Oklahoma City with Cox Communications. Check with your service provider if you are experiencing this with websites in general.

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I have had the same problem. Sometimes seem worse than others. I am very tech-smart home savvy. The problem is NOT on my end. Not my devices, home network or ISP. It could be the control unit or just a horribly designed app. I really like this product but the app is so badly designed and takes forever to make simple timer changes and communicate that to the unit and reflect in the app. Any tips on what to do? Any hope for a new app. As it stands I won’t support Rachio any more unless they get this fixed.

Just to provide some points for the graph, here at home in the SoCal Inland Empire, with my consumer grade Charter connection the web app is pretty much instantaneous with all its functions. The same is true using my work connection in Pasadena which is enterprise grade AT&T. The browser is Chrome.


agree - never had bad performance. How can you assume its not your ISP? You don’t know all their peering points on the Internet…

In my experience the website has always been slower than the mobile app. At least in my situation this doesn’t seem to be an ISP problem but appears more related to retrieving and loading back end data into the web pages. Sometimes it’s a little slower than others, but has never been so bad that the web site is unusable. I have noticed in the past that there are times that the web pages didn’t seem to stay in sync with the mobile app. I know that I started a topic about it at one time and the Rachio guys took a look at it.

It’s still pretty slow at my house, specifically creating and editing schedules. However, at work on Chrome it’s perfect. Home computer is old, running firefox, must be something with that. The app is screaming fast (always has been for me) and I’ve ended up changing the way I operate and just using the app for pretty much everything. Regardless it’s not a deal-breaker for me, I still love the Rachio and convinced two more coworkers to purchase at the beginning of this season…

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