Web Zone Settings Help Missing?

Can’t imagine how many users are getting new Flex Scehdules right (or readily learning) if doing it online and the really useful Help/Info links in the Zone Settings that are in the App - are not also present on the web?

Should be even easier and more common to have these links in the Web took, links to articles, etc.?


I think this should be consistent between platforms. Do you often use those help links? Do you think they are helpful when making a decision?

Definitely the help is useful / needed @mckynzee!

Or put it another way - how many users could really set up Flex Schedules without really understanding what to pick? How many chains this month alone around users having trouble setting Flex up and/or not getting results hoped for?

Probably should have the link to the other two articles around Flex Schedules and all the Advanced Settings too.

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@arkley68 Which flex articles were most helpful for you?