WEB user interface improvement

Today between 3:15 and 6:15 in the morning my router went off line. The result of this was that a flex schedule to water my garden was not run. I found the router off line and fixed it, but after the scheduled start time for the flex run.

I did not get any notification that the schedule was skipped. Turns out that I had the notifications turned off because (I presume) of a confusing user preferences panel. If you bring up the email and mobile notification preferences you get a list of items with Yes/No buttons. The first button is the overall control, the rest are for refinements.

There are two UI issues. The first is that except for the over all control all the selections are “yes” for enable. “Yes” on the first (over all) item DISABLES everything. Easy to miss out that singular yes to disable. The buttons should really all be consistent. Probably labeled ENABLE/DISABLE to further prevent confusion.

Second, the individual control selections controls should probably gray out if the overall control is disabled. That would make it even easier to see the true state of notifications at a glance.


I took a look at the Android app for comparison.

Android does make “enabled mean enabled.” But the two sets of options are different. On the Android the “schedule skipped” all have the modifier “because of weather.” And the android adds a notification for “status of my watering schedule changes.” I hope that the notifications will come if the schedules are skipped for being off line as well.

Anyway, also an improvement to the UI–make things consistent across platforms as much as possible.

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