Web Authentication, Device and Forum

I’m not sure how the authentication for the website and Device and Forum works. I have noticed that my password manager (LastPass) does not work with Rachio sites, including my account/device and this forum.

It would be really nice if password managers worked here. I don’t know that others do not, but that my instance of Last Pass does not fill in user/pw fields.

This forces me to use a simpler and shorter and less secure pw that I can remember for these assets.

have you thought of using chrome’s built in? i have had no problems and my passwords are pretty strong. if you are using non printable characters, you are not adding any additional security against gpu brute forcing.

Chrome’s PW manager does not work in my browser. Last pass is platform independent and has many features that I am not aware of chrome having.

[quote=“Chapin, post:1, topic:3087”]
It would be really nice if password managers worked here
[/quote] i was just referring to using chrome, im using chrome across ios/linux/windows and it has no problems with the password to either of these sites.

what are you trying to do exactly? maybe i dont understand your issue.

It is just that my password manager does not log me on or auto-fill the the user/password fields.

Just trying to log on.

I’ll point it out to LastPass.

I use LastPass as well and can’t figure out which sites it will autofill/not autofill. Do you know what criteria it uses? It seems random but I’m sure it is based on the name of the form fields where it knows what text box is being used for username and which is being used for password. It is annoying but part of me thinks there are some security measures behind not allowing the auto-populate.


I just deleted my Last Pass entries and recreated them. It is working now, both for the controller and for the forum.

I think this was user error.

Sorry to bother you.

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@Chapin, great tip! I’ll have to try this with a few of my pesky Last Pass logins.

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