Web Application Beta Release

Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere, but on July 8th, in http://www.support.rach.io/article/82-upcoming-releases, it was mentioned that a beta of the web application would be released the weekend of July 12th. Did this happen? If so where is the the link?



I understand that this is still in beta, but I’m running into some issues. I have tried to access the web-based applicable on two separate computers and have not had any luck. One time it showed me the log in screen so I tried logging on, but it just sat there. Now, when I go to the site I just get a blue Rachio page with no log in. One of my computers is running Windows 7 and the other is running Windows 8. I tried it with compatibility setting on and off. However, the web applicable does appear to work properly on my Ipod.

@dash1987‌ Are you using IE on your laptop? If so what version?

I think you have to make sure to run IE in compatibility mode but not positive

@chris‌, I can confirm that IE 11 on Windows 8.1 has issues. My guess is the developer did zero testing in IE.

@steveganz‌ @jeremyshultz‌ @dash1987‌ Yes, I can confirm that this has not been tested for browser compatibility as I was the one that created this first cut. We wanted to push something out for everyone to start playing with.

It has been handed off to others internally now. We wanted to change out our graphs and provide something more useful. We’re spending some time on information modeling and will push an update this weekend.

In the upcoming weeks, you will start to see more robust features added as well as testing for browser compatibility.

I can say that given some of the technology that is required for our web app, we will most likely only be able so support more modern versions of IE, probably 10 and 11 to start.

My Windows 7 machine is using IE 10, and my Windows 8.1 machine is using IE 11.

I did try running in compatibility mode on both systems, but that didn’t see to help.

FYI. I tried it on my iMac with Safari (7.0.5). It worked just fine.

@dash1987‌ and @jeremyshultz‌ thanks for the feedback. Compatibility mode won’t solve it right now. Firefox, Chrome or Safari will in the meantime if you’d like to use it on your laptop. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Will you be including any type of cost savings information to show the value of the Iro versus a regular controller?

Do I need to use my regular rachio app credentials to access this site? I keep getting invalid username/password error with my credentials

@jeremyshultz‌ Showing cost savings will be a big part of our reports both in the app and on the web.

@Ranjeetv‌ Yes, your app credentials regular app credentials will be all you need. Make sure you’re using your username and not your email address.

@matt sounds great - can’t wait!

Nice work on the web interface! I am curious to know how the cost savings are calculated?

The interface works great on Chrome. People really still use IE???

@mlegrand‌ , we’re trying to be conservative in our claims, so right now our water savings just include schedules skipped by Weather Intelligence. For those schedules, we take the duration times, nozzle types, and soil types, and use some industry standard formulas to estimate the total amount of water that would have been used. As we roll out more customization options to let you guys give us more detail about your yards & irrigation systems, we expect those numbers to get more exact. We’re also looking into other options to be able to get a more direct reading on water usage.

Finally, we also expect that once we have time to crunch the numbers from this summer, we’re going to see a pretty significant overall water savings from smart scheduling and water budgeting as well. But for now, we’re sticking to the facts we know.