Web Applet Remote Issue: Not Showing All Zones

Noticed that the web applet only shows 6 of my 8 Zones as available to run. None of the Zones have been disabled. On the Android, all eight Zones are available. Remote on iPad app also shows all 8 Zones. Why the difference?




I think it is a screen size issue. Can you scroll the 6 zone list? I have run into this on some pop up pages in the web version, can’t recall which ones.

Hi jkb, unfortunately there is nothing to scroll in the mini window. The cutoff is at 6.

Hey @garyjnj1-

Are you viewing this on the web app on a tablet, or your computer?

McKynzee :rachio:

Using google on iPad tablet.

Hey @garyjnj1-

I have ran into this issue before. @jkb was on the right track- it’s actually an issue with window size and scrolling. The scroll is just very hard to activate here. Our development team is aware of this and it is in our backlog. For the meantime, I have had success with pressing and holding a zone in the list, like you were going to move it’s order, then dropping it, then trying to scroll. For some odd reason this makes the scroll easier.

McKynzee :rachio: