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I have a Gen 2 - 16 zone. Working very well. But, a slight nag when using the web app.

Using flexible daily and we have had a lot of rain in coastal NC in the past week - 10+ inches. So, I have been checking the moisture levels of my zones. Click on the zone I want, get the Edit zone page, and at the bottom I click on moisture levels. And a new blank tab, "Untitled’, opens in my browser - Chrome. I just close the tab and do have the moisture levels screen in my Rachio tab so it is no big deal. But seems to me that opening the new blank tab is not necessary and perhaps unintended. I see no reason for this to happen and thought you may not be aware of it.

I have the same issue in Firefox (on Linux).

There are two more threads about this same issue.



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I have the same poor Rachio web app behavior. In my case, I use IE, latest version.

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In my case, with Chrome, I don’t even get the moisture level chart. Just the extra tab.

I now have this issue as well. This certainly is a new problem as I use the web app extensibly to check the moisture levels and did not see this until today when I looked because of this thread.

Hi all-
We are aware of the extra tab opening in the web app when looking at moisture level graphs. A fix is coming! For those of you not seeing the graph, try scrolling up on the Rachio page. When I go to look at my graphs, they are all the way at the top of the page for some reason. If they aren’t there, please let me know and include which browser you are using! We are currently working hard on improving the web app and creating more consistency between the different platforms. Thank you for all the helpful feedback!
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Hey everyone!
Just so you know, this has been fixed.! Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and let me know if you have any issues.
McKynzee :rachio:

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