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I was thinking about putting up a weather station here in Shadow Hills, Indio, CA. What services does Rachio look at so that I can get something that would upload to that service. We don’t get much rain but we sure get a lot of wind and warm weather.



Here is some information regarding PWS and the Iro.

TLDR; We currently support anything running on the PWSWeather network.

There is a work-around if you have information reporting to WU

We’ve used this in-house with good results, for the price. If others have different PWS would love to hear about them.

Hope this helps!


I was actually going to try and find one that also had a wind indicator. I fly RC Airplanes and Helicopters and we get quite a bit of wind out there for a few months before summer hits. Any thoughts?

Not that I’m aware of, maybe someone else will have a good suggestion for that. Have a great day!

Netatmo says they are releasing a wind sensor soon. They have product info on their website. I’m waiting for that too.

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@rwilabee - Netatmo will be introducing a wind product soon. Take a look at their website.

@rwilabee, I did some digging and found a few more weather station options for you. Please note we haven’t tested these in house and do not know how hard they are to install or configure.

Per the FAQ on (What do I need to post my data to section), the following weather stations are available from Ambient weather.

Additionally, Meteobridge, which reports to WeatherForYou (aka, is compatible with the following weather stations.

As @xjrguy and @SteinyD mentioned, Netatmo will be releasing an add-on wind gauge soon too.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

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