Weather Station Sufficient for Rachio?

I’m just in the process of setting up my iro, and was wondering something about the weather station I’m connected to. Its ID in the app is MID_C5699. I looked up that weather station on wunderground just out of curiosity and noticed that it had no rain data whatsoever. I went back to a day I know it rained most of the day and the data shown for precip. is just " – " Is this going to be a problem for the iro working like its supposed to? Its not a personal weather station (I have that toggle turned off).

I saw a post suggesting putting ratings on weather stations, and I think they said they would be adding it (IIRC). In the meantime, should I change to the station 10 miles from my house (vs 2 miles for the current one) which is KFNL? I work near this station and know precipitation there is usually pretty different from precip at my house.

Long story short, is it possible for someone from Rachio to look at MID_C5699 and see if it will cause issues?

We can’t lookup and verify individual stations, but if you are seeing a discrepancy between the recorded data and the data we display, we can research to see if there is a data mapping problem with our weather provider, i.e.


Is there a way to tell if a station is even recording all of the data sets the Iro would use? If this one does not in fact measure precip. would the Iro essentially only use its temperature data?

When choosing a national or PWS, we display text if the site is not recording precip data, to the best of our weather provider knowledge (they send us a flag).

If no precip data is being recorded, then yes.


@franz thank you so much for all of the answers and support (on all of my questions)!

One more question for this topic though:

Where would I see this text? The web app, mobile apps, everywhere? I am not seeing that tag on any weather stations. It could of course be that all of the ones I’ve looked at are recording precip data, but according to wunderground (for whatever that’s worth in this research) I’ve found a few that appear to have no precip history but don’t display that text. (See the wunderground station data graphs below; 1st pic: zone w/ precip data vs 2nd zone with no precip data.)

Am I being overly concerned about this? I just know the weather at my house can vary significantly from the weather only a couple miles away (especially when it comes to wind and precip) and want to feed the Iro the best data (until I invest in my own PWS). As a smart man once said: garbage in, garbage out!



LOL, Sorry about that. I learned that CTRL Enter submits the post. You are too good at your job and read it before I could finish my edit and post it!

hahahaha, yep, i hear ya, im used to the ole control enter from my im clients as well.

Am confused. My PWS is recording precip data and is reporting to CWOP yet Rachio is showing “No recorded precip data”? MID_E9366 has been verified.

@Miles267 If you PM me some screenshots/URLs I can followup with our weather provider.


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Thanks Franz. Confirming I sent the requested screens.