Weather station offline/not available

I had selected a PWS weather station from the list of available stations and all was good for a while…but at some point the PWS that I had selected has gone offline and is no longer available. No idea what my controller was using for weather data, but there should be some kind of alert generated when the selected PWS has not broadcasted any data for some period of time (1 or 2 days etc…) - seems the PWS data would be critical for the proper operation of the controller and it would be great to know if that data is not being received/updated. Any ideas on this or do I just have to manually check and make the PWS is still online/valid?

I’ve had emails where Rachio lets me know that the have changed me to a different PWS. But not sure how long the old one has to be off before they do it.

Interesting…thanks! I’m sure the one I had selected was probably offline for quite a while and I never got any kind of email or alert in the app.

Those being Personal Weather Stations, I’ve left our controller set to “Weather Network,” rather than choose a particular station. The OP’s post being one example of why.

I’m waiting for the PWS I want to be back in stock, then I’ll set up my own and point our R3 to that.

Hmmm… I suspect they’ll be back in stock soon. Since earlier today the MSRP jumped from $369 to $429 - a $16% increase.

The closest non-PWS to me is about 25 miles away and I just don’t get very accurate data using a station that far away.