Weather Station (no rain sensor) label

What does the (no rain sensor) label mean under the Weather Station name? And why is it on some and not the others. This station does accurately measure rainfall.

I “think” it means that weather station has failed to report reliable rain fall data…

Yes, that.


As compared to some other nearby weather station? Or for some unspecified time range? We’ve had no measurable rainfall anywhere near our area for about 6 weeks and the other nearby stations do not have that same label.

That message will show up if the station has never reported any rain. Some setups aren’t going to have a rain sensor, so that would be an accurate message. Some do have a rain sensor but haven’t actually had any rain since it started reporting.

I installed my PWS around the same time as the Iro. It displayed that same message until we actually had some rain here in CA.

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@cfwiggum, thanks for confirming this.

@bmflood, to be safe (unless it’s your own PWS) it might be best to select another weather station until this one has a chance to record rainfall.

Best, Emil

Well will answer all of your weather station reporting questions. It is a good resource, I highly recommend it.