Weather station gave bad information. What happens now?

The original noaa station I connected with wasn’t reporting accumulation for the past 3 days of rain :confounded: I’ve since switched to a station that actually notices rainfall but what does that mean for my system?

Does the controller now think the lawn has received zero precipitation and the on demand schedule will water tomorrow? Also if I create a new Flex or On Demand schedule will the system think I’m starting at ‘empty’ or use the data from the new station to ‘backfill’ the zones water level?

It will think no rain was received, it doesn’t look back when changing schedule types or weather stations.

You can go into moisture level and add water.

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Thanks for the help. I don’t see any options for changing moisture level. Is that a Flex thing?

Oops. Sorry, yes, the moisture level is a setting in the flex schedules. I’m not sure how it works in the other schedule types. I should have asked rather than assumed. :frowning:

So, I’ll answer partially. When you create a new flex schedule, the zones default to being fully depleted. You can fill the zones within the app. Not sure about the other schedule types.

Sounds like flex schedules is where the power tools live :smile: OK. Since my system hasn’t registered precipitation my quick fix is to rain skip over the next few watering days (it’s a rainy week) and re-enable after enough dry days have passed.