Weather service

Is there anyway to make the Weather service more accurate to my area. The last 3 waterings have been skipped but I haven’t received any rain at my location

@dbmet We will look into this for you and let you know our findings. Thanks!

@dbmet Something odd is going on with that weather station. It’s actually flagged with a nonzero “QC” (quality control) value, but what the values mean is not documented anywhere that we can find. We filed a ticket with our weather provider and will let you know as soon as we hear back. Thanks!

@franz‌ Awesome. Thanks for checking into it…
Just out of curiosity which weather station is it?

@dbmet‌ It is this weather station:

We received this notice from Aeris:

“Specifically, there was a bug in the API in which it would override the TotalMM would be overridden by the 24 hour max value. This is what occurred on the 21st below that you see. The team has already fixed this, and is actually included in the 1.3.4 updates they are pushing out this afternoon.”

So it sounds like they kept dragging along the total precipitation value even though it hadn’t changed for awhile. According to them this has been fixed and pushed out this afternoon.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. Thanks!

@dbmet‌ We were getting incorrect weather data for your area from our weather service. They figured out the problem and put in a fix.

What I’m seeing now from “your” weather station (located in Victoria, about 5 miles from your house) shows no precipitation on 9/18 and 9/19, about .6 inches on the 20th, and basically nothing since. Does that sound about right?

@coslor‌ I will check my weather station in the backyard and see what it recorded those days. I’ll post back.

I am sure this isn’t important to most people (as long as the data is correct)… but is there any easy way for a user to know which weather station is being used for their calculations?

@svento‌ Right now, you’d have to ask us & we can look it up for you. We are, however, planning on adding that info to the apps in the near future. Expect to see it in the next app version (1.8), and probably sooner on the web app. Keep an eye on the forum & we’ll announce it when it’s ready.

In the meantime, I’ll message you with your station info.

@coslor Can you please PM me my station info? Thank you.

Sept 18 .25" of rain.
Sept 19 no rain,
Sept 20 1.27" of rain.
Sept 21 it skipped but it didn’t rain all day…
Sept 25 skipped water cycle no rain here either…

@dbmet‌ @1995hokie‌ @svento In our 1.7 mobile release we will be displaying the weather station used in the app!

Hi. Rained pretty hard last night but weather intelligence showed 0 inches of rain. My user is is tmtran. Can you please look into it? Thanks.

@1995hokie‌ Sure thing, will check out your weather station. 1.7 mobile coming out this week will also allow you to see exactly the weather station used for your device.

@1995hokie‌ I checked your weather station (KDAA) and it did report .19 inches of rain yesterday. Unfortunately we took your observation from today and prediction for tomorrow. We are still trying to fine tune exactly what measurements to use. I am going to add a little wider ‘book-end’ and look at yesterday, today, and tomorrow. These changes will be pushed today. Please let us know if you see any other ‘misses’. BTW - I think your device is offline, might want to power cycle.

Thanks for the feedback, we are always striving to make our algorithms better.

Thanks so much. Love your level of customer engagement and responsiveness. Keep up the good work!

Any plans on allowing a user to choose the weather station they want and maybe allow other sites such as I have my own weather station published on


@dwilliam_houston‌ We currently allow you to enable the use of PWS on the device settings screen in the mobile app. Here is an explanation of our current support for PWS.

tl;dr - Aeris currently supports CWOP and are integrating with PWSWeather. If that integration isn’t finished before the end of the year we will look at other weather APIs.

Here is some juicy information on enabling CWOP.

Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback, have a great day!

Thank you for the fast feedback!!! My new 16 station is due for delivery today and can’t wait to get it setup. All the research I did always led back to rachio. Seeing how you all interact with your customers so quickly makes me appreciate my purchase decision even further. Please be prepared for a lot more requests/questions…

@dwilliam_houston‌ Fantastic, let us know if you have any initial feedback, thoughts, etc.