Weather Intelligence PWS problem

I have a PWS in my back yard which I use with the Rachio Weather Intelligence features. It uploads to Weather Underground, so in order to get Rachio to see my weather data, I have a Mac mini running WeatherSnoop 3 24/7 - it uses my Weather Underground station as its source, and uploads changes to PWSWeather. This has been working fine for months, until recently - WeatherSnoop now reports “Error: this key is not valid due to exceeding rate plan” when attempting to download updates from Weather Underground. It seems they’ve changed their API policy and the free use of their API is now restricted.

I’m not sure how to get around this - it seems my PWS can no longer be picked up by Rachio. Anybody run into the same thing?

Thanks, Martin.

I run, which is alternative way to transfer data from different sources to pwsweather. I can either create a new pwsweather station for you to use, or PM (link) me your WU station ID, and pwsweather station ID and account password, and I can setup your data transfer to run automatically (no need to have your mac mini running 24/7.



I also have a PWS that uploads to WU. I have my WU station ID listed as the weather source for my Rachio directly in my Rachio App. No need to have an intermediary like PWS Weather to link your WU Station to your Rachio or have your Mac Mini involved at all.

Sounds great, but I don’t seem to be able to do that myself - when I check “Use Personal Weather Station (PWS)” on the “Edit Weather Station” screen, all I see is weather stations uploading to PWSWeather. I know that Weather Intelligence Plus with a Rachio 3 interpolates across multiple sources (I’m on a first-gen Rachio), so maybe that would be a better choice for me.