Weather intelligence plus question

I have a PWS That is .17 miles away, but it’s down a hill about 300ft lower in elevation and near a river. I’m at the top of the hill. There are many microclimates in this area and there are 4 weather stations within a mile. Am I better off choosing one station or going with the Weather Intelligence Plus network? I have a Rachio 3. Thanks.

If you have a close-by, reliable PWS that records accurate precipitation I would choose that one.


Why do the FAQs say to use the network if you have Weather Intelligence Plus?

For the average user the network makes more sense. You don’t have to pick a station that could be reporting false data (or just not reporting) and if it goes offline that is another thing that you have to handle. I own a PWS, it is more accurate than interpolated data, and it reports every 5 minutes, whereby interpolated data could take a few hours to report back, and it won’t be as accurate as a trusted station in your backyard or very close by.


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Thanks Franz - makes sense.

So anyone can say they have a PWS? I pulled up a map of our area -trying to find the golf course station which doesn’t show-and have no clue how to pick a station? Yes using weather intelligence is easiest but it applied a rain skip yesterday and we had no rain. Unfortunately we are snowbirds and not able to know for sure if we received rain unless we call a permanent resident…that isn’t logical daily. So anyway to find out what a reliable PWS is in our area?

Thank you

I’d look at the PWS shown on your WI Map. From there you can choose any of them and look at them on the WU website and visually check if the weather and precipitation is matching what you are experiencing locally.