Weather intelligence Plus - how is this supposed to work


Hi, I am a new Rachio3 owner and installed the device this past Sunday. When I finished the installation, I used all the suggested weather intelligence details (rain skip, wind, etc). I currently have it scheduled to run MWF with the rain skip at .125" but on Tuesday, it rained over .5" and the sprinklers came on on Wednesday. My impression was that the system was supposed to know when there has been more moisture than the .125 and not run the system. I had to manually turn it off for today as it had too much water for the week.

Any help on understanding how the weather intelligence is supposed to work would be greatly appreciated.


@ghouser1129 I had the team review your account and it does look like there is missing precipitation from Tuesday. Seeing about .25 inches. I’ve opened a support ticket with our weather provider to see why that precipitation is missing. We did notice there is a PWS about .06 miles from your house. I usually recommend using a PWS if there is one close by and it seems to be reporting accurately. The data will be more timely and could be more accurate the closer it gets to your house.

We also did not receive enough forecasted precipitation to skip the schedule.

I will let you know what our weather provider reports back with in regards to the missing precipitation.

Thank you for reporting.



Providing more information on the topic from our weather provider.

"The team is continuing to investigate this issue.

We have checked mesonet and it seems the precipitation was very slow for the most part, around 0.01" per hour, though from Noon local time through 4pm local time, each hour received approx 0.02".

The team is pulling an animation of our 2-minute radar centered on this location to verify the intensity of the precipitation, then we can compare with other internal values. The initial concern is that since the precip/summary data set has a spatial resolution of approx 2km and with such light precipitation, it could be that the analyzed data is returning a precipitation amount of less than (<) 0.01", which would be considered a trace amount and not included in the daily total.

I will provide an additional update this afternoon, as our team continues to investigate this further".

Thanks again for reporting this.



Last followup on this from our weather provider.

I wanted to provide a final update on this ticket. The team has made an adjustment internally to round values < 0.01 on a per hour basis to help improve the precip summary when the primary weather is fog/mist over a long period of time. This change will go live next week.



Thanks for your help! It worked as it was intended this morning due to the amount of moisture we received last week!


Great to hear, also glad you reported this. There are issues that we just would never know about unless reported by our amazing customers. Have a great week!