Weather intelligence & Manual override of schedule

I use Flex monthly and turned Rachio on to water my lawn manually yesterday. My lawn was scheduled to be watered today AND I got a device update stating "Based on weather and soil conditions…Computer program will be stopped by Rachio . Does weather intelligence take into account I watered the day before and therefore thinks my soil still has enough moisture and prevented today’s watering or does the skip in watering schedule have nothing to do with my manually watering and just using data from normal rain and moisture predictions?

I’m pretty sure that it looks at what happened in the last 24 hours (flex schedule, manual watering, precip) and what is predicted to happen in the next 24 hours to determine whether or not to skip.

For flexible monthly we only look at waterings for that particular schedule, not for the zone. Flexible daily schedules do track each individual zone moisture level. Manual waterings are tracked for flexible daily schedules (not flexible monthly)

If you would like to disable climate skip this article will help. Rain skip will still be enabled which might be all you are looking for in regards to schedule skipping. Until you are comfortable with how the scheduling works, disabling climate skip might give you a better piece of mind :wink:


Thank you so much for that explanation. Still new to this all and trying to understand what affects what and how to best configure my Rachio for my lawns needs without bothering everyone. Your explanation will help out greatly! Thanks again! By the way, about 90% of the time when I make a manual change, it would have been better off letting Rachio do its thing - much smarter then this old guy lolol

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