Weather intelligence has no data?

I’m in Denver and last night my Rachio ran even though it rained. The log shows: which says 0 which seems suspicious because the first result for Googling “denver weather” shows non-zero precipitation:

This happened to me last time it rained as well so it is starting to seem like Rachio’s weather integration is broken. Has anyone else seen this?

Can you PM me the email you use for your Rachio account? It’s different than your community email address.


@DrTall I was going to recommend choosing a PWS but even those are showing 0 precipitation for today and yesterday. I live in Golden and don’t remember any rain for the last few days. Here are the two closest stations to your house.

Are you sure it actually rained? In general I do usually recommend choosing a PWS if you have one close to your house (you have one .25 miles away) and it is accurate.


Thanks for looking into it. I guess I’m not 1000% sure it rained, but the city-owned parkway was muddy this morning as was the area around my house’s downspouts that isn’t reached by Rachio. But I guess it could be city irrigation and bad drainage / dew?

That’s my guess :wink:


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