Weather Intelligence didn’t work

My system did not skip with .51” of rain predicted in the next 24 hours. My neighbors system did skip based on the predicted rain. Please help figure out why it didn’t work?

What schedule are you running? Fixed, Flex Monthly, Flex Daily?

Flex monthly


Any update on what went wrong with the weather intelligence plus?

I’m not positive, but I think with a Flex Monthly schedule a run is only skipped if there is precipitation or forecast precipitation on the day the schedule is supposed to run. You say the .51" of rain was forecast for the following day. Perhaps your neighbor uses a Flex Daily schedule which does alter the schedule based on forecast precipitation scheduled on future days.

In the past it has skipped on future forecasts within 24 hours. My neighbor has his set up flex monthly as well. The only difference was I had my set to weather intelligence plus and he had his pointed to a PWS

Do you have Saturation Skip enabled? If you do then the issue may be the difference between Weather Intelligence Plus and the PWS.

Yes, sat skip is set up on both mine and my neighbors.