Weather Intelligence and Rain Event

Not sure what is really happening other the Controllers have activated a Skip Event was somewhat expected. Let’s call them Controller A and Controller B.

I have a 2 Gen-2 controller setup. At 12:02 AM I received a notification from Controller A that an event will be skipped due to a Rain Event. OK - that was expected since we received according to my weather station 1.47" of rain during the previous 24 hours. However, in my notification it said the event was skipped due to Observed Rain of 0.00" and Predicted Rain of 1.87". Interesting since the weather station, which is connected via Weather Intelligence to the controller, reported 1.47" rain.

Now Controller B reported at 1:01 AM an event skip similar to A except it’s justification was Observed Rain 1.38" and Predicted Rain 0.00".

What am I really seeing with the difference is skip reporting? Is there an setup step for Weather Intelligence I missed?

Thanks for the help.


I had the engineering team review and the system will use observed or predicted for the day, whichever is greater. In your case the schedule that ran at 12:06am would have been checked one hour before (Saturday). The prediction for Saturday was 1.83 inches. The schedule that ran at 1:03am would have been checked one hour before on Sunday when the prediction must have been less than the observed (1.38 inches) so it used that. The good news is they both skipped!


Hope this helps!

It does help somewhat. Yes - I am glad both controllers skipped their events. However, it does not make sense they both did not report an observed amount of rainfall since the rain event (or at least that part of the rain event that went past the Weather Intelligence setup) concluded around 4:00 PM. There should have been at least an observed value for both controllers rather than just 1 controller. The PWS history does show this.

@franz - Here is a follow-up question or maybe observation. I live in an area with watering restrictions. Today (Tuesday) in one of my designated watering days (also with time restrictions). Controller A is scheduled to start shortly after midnight and Controller B is schedule to start around 4:30 AM. Controller A ran as scheduled. None of the zones were scaled back with respect to duration because of the rain event over the weekend. Controller B did not run to a Saturation Skip. The lot is basically a flat bowling alley except for an area where I dug out a Koi pond. the soil from the pond hole was used to create a “mound” behind the pond. Since both controllers are “attached” to the same PWS and are basically setup the same way, why would one controller run and another not run since they both have the same situations (i.e., rain event) affecting them? Is this related to why one reported an observed rain event while the other reported a predicted rain event? I have been playing around with soil type since I have a combination of clay and clay-loam throughout the yard.

Teasing out why or why not there was a saturation skip across two different schedules with multiple types of crops is difficult since it decides to skip on a per crop type basis and then has to apply that logic to all the zones in the schedule and determine if it can skip. Here is some more information in regards to this skip type.


@franz - Thanks. I did look at the video several times are the past few weeks since I have encountered this situation more than once. I suspect that maybe I should change the depletion on the zones associated with Controller B to 40% from 50%. while in the backyard today (Controller B) tending to some landscape garden areas the soil was very dry and crumbly while the front landscape area (Controller A) were moist, but not real wet. Strange since we had the rain event just 72 hours ago. the backyard also has a 5 degree slope from left to right. Maybe, I should also change the zone profiles from flat. Right now there are big cracks in the backyard soil. I would only expect that in the middle of summer in TX.